phillips poster
big audio room
vinyl couple
brown turntable
gold tubes
head phones
purple room
yellow room
vinyl room
whole grooves
rug phones
record room
turn table arms


4930 South Congress Ave (between Ben White and Stassney).

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The Sound Gallery Design 1

Tuesday thru Saturday Noon to 8 P.M.

Sunday/Monday Noon to 6 P.M.


Vintage and new turntables and one of the best selections of vinyl records in Texas. Stereo receivers, speakers, cd and cassette players,  typewriters and telephones.

Pioneer, JBL, Thorens, Marantz, Music Hall, Denon, McIntosh and much more…

The only audio store in Austin with a full service espresso bar.

If you’ve grown tired of MP3s, streaming and Soundclouds, we offer an alternative. The Sound Gallery sells beautifully restored audio gear, vinyl records, typewriters, telephones etc. Plus, with our coffee and wine bar, we’re offering a venue where people can gather and celebrate the art and craftsmanship of an era in which music machines had soul and substance.At a time when the entire history of recorded popular music has been highjacked by corporations that are selling us inferior quality and cheaply produced replications of that music, The Sound Gallery represents a return to bygone standards of excellence in the quality of sound reproduction. Our turntables, stereo receivers and speakers have been restored by technicians who love what they do and know what they’re doing. We’re more than a business, we’re a way of life.